Why Roomba is the best for Dog Hair?

Today I want to talk about dog hair on the floor. Now this is a huge problem if you own a shedding dog. As soon as we got our dog, Watson, our floors were a mess, and weekly, twice weekly vacuumings almost didn’t cut it. So we were tired of vacuuming and we finally got a Roomba.

All right I just wanted to highlight some of the cool features about the Roomba. First, you can actually set the day, hour and minute, and this actually helps you with the scheduling. And so once you have the clock scheduled, you can run this Roomba at the same time every day. And I promise if you do that, you will have clean floors. It’s wonderful, it’s like a housekeeper that works for you and you don’t have to worry about it.

So, the Roomba also features this, this is where the dirt goes, the tray, and you might think if you have a really high shedding dog that this tray is just not enough, that was certainly what I thought when I got the Roomba, but if you actually keep up on it, the tray is just fine.

I just have to remember to empty it every day. So, one thing to remember, too, and one reason I don’t schedule the Roomba is because our dog loves toys, as you can see he’s already actually working on one, and so it always requires us to kind of go through our rooms and pick up these toys. And our dog doesn’t allow his toys to be put away for very long, so it’s best to just go around, pick up toys, and then run the Roomba.

Another thing that we have to work on is remembering to pick up his dog dishes. The Roomba does tend to slosh the water around and take off with the food and water dishes which can kind of make a mess, so, we also pick those things up, and we also move some chairs out to allow that dog hair to get out from under our kitchen table. So to start the Roomba, you just simply hit the clean button twice, and it will take off.

So one of the only downsides that I found with the Roomba is that it loves cords, and it will find itself in all these cords, and I actually had it get caught in a cord and take my laptop down with it, and so you wanna be really careful to get those cords put away, and make sure that it’s not gonna get caught on anything or else you might come home and not be very happy.

I know Roombas are very expensive, but I couldn’t recommend a product more. If you want to win that battle of the dog hair, I highly recommend investing in a Roomba.